Hurricane Silkies & Tolbunt Polish ~ Hurdle Mills, NC

Ida, Champion Feather Leg pullet from 2009. She was so tiny and had such great type. Such a beautiful bird!

Having a great time with our Tolbunt project! This is Ms. Frizzle.

About Us

We're living the good life on a small, quiet country farm in central NC, where we've been raising and loving Silkie chickens since 2009. We have shown our birds, winning: Champion Featherleg with our loveliest pullet from George Mihalkik in 2009 (see photo). Our wins also include numerous BB, RB, BV and RV for Splash, White, Blue, and Black and AOV.

Our earliest breeders came to us by way of George Mihalik, Brenda Gambill, Deb Steinberg, and Shorty Polston.  Our current flock also includes beautiful birds from Crested Horizon, Marty McGuire, CatDance Silkies, Anh Stanley, and Amy Piehl.

For Sale

We currently do not have any eggs, birds, or chicks for sale. Working on Tolbunt Polish for 2013. Email for more info:

Pics from left: Grace the white pullet won RV in her first show, losing only to our other white pullet Ida. Victor the man -- our blue cock out of Indigo Eggs and Bobbi Porto. Next up are Claudette with Grace. Claudette was a little large, but she won BV and RV several times during the fall and spring shows of 2009/10. In the fourth pic is Claudette standing in front of Bill, my beautiful white boy who was stunning and amazing looking but lacked type and wasn't considered by the judges. The highest he ever placed was 1st in Variety. But to me he was so beautiful and manly. The girls thought so, too! Next is Rose, my blue hen. She was infuriatingly broody and had a habit of looking her worst when shows came along. Still, she won BB, RB, BV, and RV several times. She was such a good momma that wins just weren't that important to her -- or to us. :) Some chicks from a Claudette/Henri hatching. A chick with splayed legs -- but he looked too cute in this photo and I smile whenever I look a it!

We have been lucky to have acquired birds from George Mihalik, Brenda Gambill, Deb Steinburg and Shorty Polston.

We are NPIP tested annually for Pullorum-Typhoid and Avian Influenza.


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